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Short Hair Style For Women

Tapered Cut

Lupita Nyong'o can rock any style without hesitation. Her cropped look can work on a variety of hair textures and will require a bi-weekly shape-up to keep the look crisp. 

Casual Tousled Style

Kristen Stewart's look can be replicated with a dab of finishing cream like JVN Complete Air Dry Cream ($24) and a quick run of your hands through your hair.

Short Textured Style

This particular style is a great option for someone looking for style with almost no work. The hair is cropped short all over the head but a bit of extra length is left on top. 

Asymmetrical Bob

Regina King's highlights and asymmetric cut add definition to her classic and voluminous bob. To achieve the look, apply a bit of finishing cream to dried and styled hair, to smooth.

Classic Crewcut

Cut with a number three blade all over the head, this classic crewcut is super easy. A bit of pomade adds shine but isn't necessary for the look.

Classic Buzz

"For short, low-maintenance hairstyles for women and men, buzz cuts are definitely in," says Leela. "The only thing that makes them higher maintenance is that the back hairline

Faux Hau

When you're looking for a low-maintenance style, short is almost always the best way to go. 

Short Sides and a Longer Top

For this cut, the hair is about three-fourths of an inch on the sides and back with about three inches of length on top. 

Great Texture and a Little Wave

For someone with a little natural texture to their hair, Hailey Bieber's damp, slightly-waved lob is a perfect style. "These cuts always look good a bit tousled,

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