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How to make a cold pasta salad recipe

A wonderful salad recipe for Deli Style Macaroni Salad or Cold Pasta Salad is made with shredded carrot, onion, and bell pepper and mixed in a mayonnaise-mustard dressing.

I adore this traditional macaroni salad made with mayo in America. The deli salad from the grocery store pales in comparison to this homemade pasta salad. It is ideal as a main dish or side dish for picnics, summer potlucks, and barbecues.

Select a pasta form that will retain the dressing. It works well with elbow macaroni, little shells, or even spiral-shaped pasta. Red radish, celery, and red cabbage are a few other wholesome and eye-catching vegetables you may include.

Favorite ingredients for a cold pasta salad

The technique used to create this recipe makes it simple to customize it with your preferred add-ins. Not a fan of olives? tomato sun-dried add tomatoes. As an alternative to mozzarella, consider using feta.

Pasta salads are a fantastic way to empty the fridge and pantry. And while though there are no strict guidelines for the best type of pasta or the right mix-ins to use, I do have a few favorites and preferences.

Pasta: Avoid long pasta noodles and choose orecchiette, rotelle, orzo, fusilli, farfalle, rotini, or penne instead.

Vegetables: I used tomatoes and cucumbers in this recipe, but you could really add anything. Your aim is to include color and texture. Add some sliced scallions, arugula, marinated artichoke hearts, or thinly sliced bell peppers. Pepperoncini can be used to give a little heat.

Cheese: Fresh mozzarella is simple to get, but marinated mozzarella, feta, or cubed provolone can be substituted. Even the salty taste of Parmesan shavings would suffice.

Protein: Bacon is a popular choice, but you could also use cubed ham or chicken. Rinse the dish, then add a can of chickpeas if you want a vegetarian version.

Extras with taste: Sun-dried tomatoes provide flavor and color. Try a variety of olives. Include the pickled garlic. Add a few fresh herbs, such as dill, oregano, or torn basil.

pasta salad


Step. 1

Gather all ingredients.

Step. 2

Large saucepan of lightly salted water should be brought to a boil. Pasta should be cooked in boiling water for 10 to 12 minutes, stirring regularly, until it is soft to the bite but still firm. Drain, then rinse under cool water.

Step. 3

Italian dressing and salad spice blend should be well combined in a bowl. In a salad bowl, combine the spaghetti, tomatoes, bell peppers, and olives.

Step. 4

Sprinkle salad with dressing, then toss to combine.

Step. 5

Refrigerate salad, 8 hours to overnight.

Step. 6


My Best Pasta Salad Tips

  • Cook your spaghetti for a few extra minutes. To ensure that the pasta maintains its soft texture as it cools, it should be slightly past al dente (but not mushy). For spaghetti salad, I find that the longer time range specified on the package instructions is typically about correct.
  • Prior to combining the pasta with the other ingredients, let it cool fully. The heated pasta will begin to cook and wilt the vegetables if it is still warm. Everyone dislikes warm cucumbers, so be sure to add cold pasta to this recipe.
  • Save some herbs for garnish! If you want to prepare this pasta salad in advance, keep some of the herbs and pine nuts for garnish. The herbs will be very fresh, lovely, and delicious, and the pine nuts will maintain their crunch.
  • Taste and adjust. This salad recipe is quite adaptable, so taste it and make any necessary adjustments before serving. If you like a tangier salad, increase the amount of lemon and greens, and always, always season the salad with salt to taste.

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